Benefits of the Flower of Maryam (How to use during pregnancy)

Flower of maryam how to use during pregnancy and benefits

The flower of Maryam is important for the labouring mothers which encourage them in a dilation.

What is Flower of Maryam?

The Flower of Maryam (Anastatica hierochuntica) is a small shrub collected across North Africa, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Pakistan, and among its most popular medicinal uses is its application for childbirth.

This flower of Maryam is traditionally used by midwives from hundred years for labouring mothers in dilation of labouring mothers.


Flower of Maryam

It is also said that the Prophet (SAW) gave these leaves to a lady who found it difficult to conceive. The flower of Maryam is not confined to labor but also has been used for other illnesses and diseases. This flower of Maryam is not edible. It is soaked in a bowl of warm water in the delivery room.

Gradually the plant/flower ball opens up to a full shape. Labor continues, the mother gently damp as the flower ball starts to soften, open and expand into a woody flower.

 The name of the Flower of Maryam in different languages:

  • Arabic: Keff Maryam (كف مريم), shajarat Maryam (شجرة مريم), shajarat el-talk, keff lala Maryam, keff lala Fatma, yid Fatma, keff el-adhra, bint Ennabi, el-kemcha, kerchoud
  • Berber: Tamkelt
  • English: Flower of Maryam, St. Mary’s flower, resurrection plant, true rose of Jericho (not to be confused with false rose of Jericho, Selaginella lepidophylla), tumbling mustard, resurrection mustard
  • French: Main de Fatma, rose de Jericho
  • Malay: Sanggul Fatimah, buah zuriat (“offspring fruit”)
  • Persian: Gole Maryum, پنجه مریم, Panjeh Maryam
  • Turkish: Fatima’nin eli, Meryem bitkisi
  • Urdu: Maryam booti, Maryam ka phool, Nabi booti

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How to use flower of maryam during pregnancy

Flower of maryam how to use during pregnancy and benefits

7 Benefits of the Flower of Maryam in Islam

  • Spiritual Symbol: Represents endurance and resilience in Islamic tradition.
  • Lesson of Patience: Linked to the patience of Maryam (Mary) in facing trials.
  • Protection from Evil: Believed to possess spiritual qualities warding off harm.
  • Symbol of Faith: Encourages trust in divine guidance and protection.
  • Reminder of the Afterlife: Reflects consequences of actions in the Hereafter.
  • Purification of Intentions: Inspires sincerity and righteousness in worship.
  • Hope for Redemption: Symbolizes mercy and potential for repentance.

The flower contains a large number of benefits medically and consist of many elements – calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and iron; in particular, calcium and magnesium work together to coordinate and regulate smooth muscle contractions. The soaked water can be drunk. The plant can be stored and re-used many times.

The leaves of this herbal plant are available in the market places near mount Uhud – in one part of the holy city of Madina. These look like dried curry leaves.




Where has this flower of Maryam been found?

Anastatica ( The flower of Maryam) It survives in highly arid conditions—it simply dries up into a ball and awaits the next rain, at which point it reveals small slender leaves and tiny white flowers.

It is hygroscopic(readily taking up and retaining moisture); its branches immediately reconstitute in the presence of water. It is picked (leaves, woody parts, and seeds) from shallow gravel desert soils from February to April and allowed to dry.

Various uses of Flower of Maryam medicinally?

This flower of Maryam can be reconstituted in water and generally taken for colds, as an emmenagogue (to bring on menstruation), for epilepsy, and uterine bleeding, and to bring pain relief and support for childbirth.

In some countries, it is burned as incense during labor, made into a powder mixed with olive oil and honey, and a liquid from fresh leaves is used as a treatment for conjunctivitis and other eye problems.

This is also used in Europe where it is used in Christmas celebrations. Other countries also use this plant where it is not grown, like Malaysia, where it is commonly used for childbirth, where many women purchase herbal preparations directly from traditional midwives.

How does the flower of Maryam work wonderfully?

A recent study, “Effects of Focusing on Maryam’s Flower During the First Stage of Labor on the Labor Pain, Labor Duration, and Levels of Comfort and Satisfaction” published in Dec. 2021 found that the Maryam’s flower emerged in water provided an effective coping tool for first time laboring people (primipara).

Also, a study was administered to a group of people who used Maryam’s flower as a visual tool, and a group of child bearers who did not.

The tool was administered at different points of active labor/cervical dilation (4-5 cm, 6-7 cam, 8-9cm), and used to determine the level of pain of birthing people in relation to using the tool.

The study found that the physical comfort of the group using the Maryam’s flower was higher (specifically during 8-9cms of dilation) and their labors were also shorter.

Where to buy the Flower of Maryam?

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There are many stories about the flower of Maryam which is a myth or a belief that it will help the pregnant woman to have an easy delivery. And this has no side effects.

The flower of Maryam has been used for past hundred years by Midwives and many women certify of its usefulness.

And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


  1. What is the dried flower of Maryam?

Anastatica is notable for its ability to survive in arid conditions—it simply dries up into a ball and awaits the next rain, at which point it reveals small slender leaves and tiny white flowers.

  1. What is the flower of Maryam used for?

Maryam’s flower is a tool midwives have been using in parts or North Africa, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, and Malaysia, for centuries. It’s used in herbal remedies in these regions, but also traditionally used in childbirth as something to visually focus on during labor.

  1. How to use the flower of Maryam during delivery?

The flower is placed in a bowl of water during labor, as it is believed that its presence will make labor easier and that the baby will be delivered like flowing water as the leaves of the plant get open.

  1. What is the best flower for pregnancy?

The flower of Maryam may help a pregnant woman to have an easy labour.

*Note: We have not found any hadith to back up this literature.

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